Resources and equipment


Teipio Testun - Learn to touch type with this web-based activity - Teipio Testun is an accessible web-based activity to support Welsh and English speakers at school in learning to touch type. The programme is mainly designed for pupils with visual impairments but is suitable for any child who wants to learn to touch type. See the 'Resources' section at the end of the page to download instructions on how to access this Resource. 

General resources - Adnoddau Scented/thick felt pens, yellow rulers/protractor, large rulers/numbers protractor, thick pencils such as 9B                                                                                             

Partially Sighted Society - A company that provides resources such as heavy line workbooks, rulers, protractors, customized school diaries etc.

Specialist equipment for the unique Visual Impairment needs of child - Using Low vision aids such as magnifiers – prescribed by Opticians

Immersive Reader

Using the child 's Hwb account, logo-Hwb  a Microsoft package can be used to make use of the Immersive Reader.  logo_Immersive-Reader. This is a free tool that can read text orally in English or Welsh. This is a great resource for visually impaired pupils. 


Free IT assistive equipment - From time to time the Guide Dogs Association Cymru offers free ICT equipment for visually impaired pupils.


Does your child have the specialist equipment they need at home?

The North Wales Society for the Blind provides a service that supports parents to apply for equipment for visually impaired pupils.  

See the 'Resources' section at the end of the page to download the ‘North Wales Society for the Blind Equipment’ poster, which includes contact details.




    • Name: North Wales Society for the Blind Equipment poster.pdf
    • Language: English
    • Description: If your child uses specialist equipment in school and needs the same equipment to complete tasks and schoolwork when at home, then we may be able to help find grants to help you get them.
    • Welsh version: If you require a Welsh version of this file, please contact us.
    • Name: Cyfarwyddiadau rhaglen Teipio Testun - Instructions on how to use Teipio Testun.pdf
    • Language: Dwyieithog / Bilingual
    • Description: Teipio Testun - Dysgwch sut i deipio gyffwrdd (touch type) - Learn how to touch type
    • Name: Offer Cymdeithas y Deillion Gogledd Cymru Poster.pdf
    • Language: Cymraeg
    • Description: Os yw'ch plentyn yn defnyddio offer arbenigol yn yr Ysgol ac angen yr un offer adref i gwblhau tasgau a gwaith ysgol, Yna efallai y byddwn yn gallu helpu i ddod o hyd i grantiau i'ch helpu i'w cael.
    • English version: If you require an English version of this file, please contact us.