Safeguarding Children

Who receives this service?

This service supports the schools’ work to ensure that all pupils are safe within schools in Gwynedd.

PLEASE NOTE: Anglesey Schools' Safeguarding Children Service is provided by Anglesey County Council; contact  01248 750057.


What does the service offer?

  • Advice on all aspects of child protection in education.
  • Standard training available for all staff in schools in Gwynedd.


Who's in the team?
Designated Lead Officer for Safeguarding in Education

Bethan Helen Jones


How to gain access to the service?

Schools can contact the Designated Lead Officer for Safeguarding in Education by phone or e-mail.



What is the school’s role?

The role of Schools in Gwynedd within Child Protection is to ensure a safe environment and ethos where children and young people can learn, giving adequate attention to their well-being and safety

Schools have a responsibility to work with Social Services and the council’s other departments to promote safety through raising awareness, improving understanding and strengthening children and young people’s resilience through the curriculum and through preventative and early intervention work; through referring concerns, contributing knowledge and towards assessments of need.

The school should have effective procedures when:

  • preventing inappropriate people from working with children and young people
  • promoting excellent practices and challenging inadequate and unsafe practices
  • identify and firmly respond to any concern regarding a child’s safety and well-being implementing procedures that ensure safety
  • regularly monitor and evaluate to improve the service’s safety structures and procedures

Schools are expected to ensure:

  • that there is a current and comprehensive child protection policy in place that complies with the guidance provided
  • that the policies and procedures consider activities that may occur within and outside school hours (use of leisure facilities, educational visits, use of school facilities for community purposes etc)
  • that policies are reviewed and adopted in a timely manner by the school’s Governors
  • that a member of the senior management team is a Child Protection Designated Person and takes responsibility within the establishment for Protection matters. They should provide advice, induct all new/supply staff, provide specific and general guidance, provide training and up-dating arrangements, and be a point of contact with the education service/ social services/other agencies in protection matters;
  • that the Child Protection Designated Person has the appropriate authority to act, has been trained to the appropriate level and has appropriate experience;
  • that a safety ‘reserve/deputy’ is known to all in the Designated Person’s absence;
  • that a Child Protection Designated Governor has also been trained to the appropriate level, that they are available to assist the Designated Person when appropriate, and contribute towards and present the Annual Report to Governors for the Governing Body’s attention annually (Appendix 3);
  • that every school and unit present the Child Protection Annual Report to the Education service’s attention annually, by the end of the Summer term
  • that a copy of all referrals made to Social Services is given to Bethan Helen Jones, Designated Lead Officer for Safeguarding in Education.
  • that they complete a ‘Next Steps’ form having made a referral and received feedback from Social Services.


Due attention is given to the categories of abuse as highlighted in Wales Safeguarding Procedures (Children) 2020:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional/psychological abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Negligence
  • Financial abuse

The entire Gwynedd and Anglesey Education Service workforce has a responsibility:

  • to be aware of Wales Safeguarding Procedures (Children) 2020
  • behave in a professional manner and legally on behalf of children and young people’s well-being and safety
  • Be a “Whistle-blower” if they are aware of any instance of abuse
  • watch out for signs of abuse and respond in accordance with Wales Safeguarding Procedures (Children) 2020
  • watch out for signs of abuse by adults who work with or supervise children and young people, and respond in accordance with Wales Safeguarding Procedures (Children) 2020
  • watch out for signs of bullying (see national and local guidelines)
  • know how to respond when a child divulges information and which appropriate measures to take
  • know to who to refer any suspicions or disclosure by a child or young person, within and outside school hours;
  • present a written statement/record of that which was observed or heard by a child or young person


In compliance with Welsh Government guidelines, all schools are required to identify a designated teacher and governor who is responsible for Child Protection (see the 'Resources' section at the end of the page to download Keeping learners safe: 283/2022).

A school should:

  • Establish systems to target individuals according to their needs
  • Respond at different levels to pupils needs through maintaining target groups
  • Use a screening tool to identify fields where individuals require additional support
  • Provide a graded response to pupils needs through maintaining target groups
  • Develop a friendly and inclusive learning environment for individuals who have communication and interaction difficulties
  • Develop an environment that allows time to develop appropriate communication and interaction skills within a school day



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