Coronavirus - Educational Psychology Service

This is the Educational Psychology Service’s web page about Coronavirus. Given the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus, the main purpose of this page is to share ideas and offer advice and support for children and young people, families, school staff and other key workers and professionals. We hope to update these pages over the coming days, weeks and months so please come back to visit.  We will also be sharing updates and information from our Twitter account  @seicolegol. Stay safe and well, from all Gwynedd and Anglesey educational psychologists.

Supporting Children during self-isolation - Advice and Guidance for Families. This guidance document from your local educational psychology service aims to help parents and guardians elicit a positive experience while self-isolating with their children. In this document we aim to provide useful advice and resources that can be used for families during self-isolation to support education and mental health.

Here’s a video we’ve created with ideas for supporting your well-being during this time.


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