Headteacher (ALN&I Liaison Person in each school)

The Headteacher is responsible for: 

  • Ensure an inclusive whole-school ethos.
  • Ensure that an ethos of methods centering on the individual are cascaded throughout the whole school so as to personalise the educational experience.
  • Ensure that a One Page Profile is created for every pupil on the  ALN Register
  • Ensure that the school systems accord with statutory requirements and that the ALN and Inclusion School/Cluster Co-ordinator act sin accordance with these requirements.
  • Ensure, jointly with the ALN and Inclusion Liaison Governor and the ALN&I School/Cluster Co-ordinator, that the school’s ALN and Inclusion policy is updated annually.
  • Ensure ownership and understanding of ALN and Inclusion across the school.
  • Ensure that the progress of pupils with ALN and Inclusion is monitored and measured.
  • Ensure the regular use of standardised tests, in accordance with criteria, to assess pupils’ achievement. It would be good practice to do this twice a year.
  • Ensure that clear scanning processes are in place for the early identification of pupils who might have ALN and Inclusion, so that early intervention is possible.
  • Ensure effective, efficient and appropriate use of the ALN and Inclusion delegated funding to target children needing intervention.
  • Ensure that systems are in place for Class Teachers to share information with ALN and Inclusion School/Cluster Co-ordinator.
  • Ensure that the quality of teaching, differentiation and assessment across the school is high.