ALN and Inclusion Liaison Governor

The role of the ALN and Inclusion Liaison Governor is very important in supporting the Headteacher and staff to develop a learning environment which promotes the progress of children with ALN and Inclusion.

  • Ensure that the school has input by the School/Cluster Co-ordinator with responsibility for co-ordinating provision for ALN and Inclusion.
  • Confirm that the school has an ALN and Inclusion policy and that it is reviewed annually.
  • Being familiar with the school’s ALN and Inclusion policy, the Wales ALN Code of Practice and being aware of ALN enterprises nationally and locally, by the Welsh Government, the Regional Consortium and the Local Authority.
  • Meet each term, by appointment, with the ALN and Inclusion School/Cluster Co-ordinator to discuss the progress and effectiveness of the ALN and Inclusion policy (in line with the policy on Governor Visits to Schools).
  • Work with the child protection liaison governor (if appropriate).
  • Understand how the school identifies pupils with ALN and Inclusion and what happens once the pupil has been identified;
  • Be aware of the progress made by individual pupils with ALN.
  • Be aware of the budget available for ALN and Inclusion at the school and monitor its effective use.
  • Report, at least annually, to the governing body on the implementation and effectiveness of the school’s ALN and Inclusion policy, without discussing details of individual pupils.
  • Write, or help to write, ALN and Inclusion information for the Annual Governors’ Report to Parents
  • Ensure that there is a section in the school handbook on ALN and Inclusion provision.
  • Update ALN and Inclusion information by attending relevant training courses for governors run by the Local Authority.