Children Who Are Ill Education

Criteria for referral to the service, and how to refer?

The school needs to make a referral to the Children Who Are Ill Forum if a pupil is to receive input from the Service (Secondary and Primary).



Children Who Are Ill education is provided for pupils of compulsory school age who, for several reasons, cannot attend a suitable school. In individual cases, specific factors are often complex.

 Children Who Are Ill education provision on a temporary/specific period basis is considered in the following circumstances;

  • Pupils with medical conditions that prevent them from attending school. (Medical cases; including children with psychological or psychiatric conditions and who are open to the CAMHS service)
  • Medical and physical - Children who receive a medical report from specialists or paediatricians stating that attending school would be dangerous for them.
  • Medical and emotional - (phobia and open to the CAMHS service).


With all of the above conditions, a letter is expected from a Paediatrician or Medical Specialist clearly noting that the pupil should receive Children Who Are Ill education. Any application submitted without a letter will be refused.


What is the aim of the Service?

The home-schooling service for Children Who Are Ill works with families and mainstream schools to support young people who have complex medical conditions to reach their full potential. The aim is to offer timely and effective support in order to overcome any problems which could arise due to long-term sickness.


What training is available?

NNSP in Secondary Schools


Who is the team?

Mostly Pecyn 25 officers, however use is made of TUTE in some cases


What is the role of the specialist teacher / Senior Teaching Assistant / Teaching Assistant / Welfare Officer / Educational Psychologist?

The support of the School Educational Psychologist Team on the learners' integration and support plan

School to lead on cases in terms of work and reviews.